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Really Cheap UK Car Insurance for All Drivers  See Quotes Now

When you are budgeting for the expense of buying and owning a car, factoring in the cost of insurance is essential. Auto insurance companies in the U.K. offer different rates for different makes and models of cars. In general, cars that receive higher safety ratings and are statistically proven to have a lower chance of being involved in an auto accident are going to cost you less to insure. The way this works is that every car is assigned to an auto insurance group. The Group Rating Panel, which decides the rankings for all cars insured in the U.K., consists of several members of the Association of British Insurers and the Lloyd’s Market Association. Every car is ranked between one and 50, with one being the best ranking for getting low auto insurance rates. Cars that are in Group 50 are typically exotic and performance cars that are extremely expensive.

Finding a safe and inexpensive car is especially important if you are thinking about a teen driver. Auto insurance rates for teen drivers are already much higher than average, so anything you can do to get a discount or otherwise lower the insurance rate will pay off. If you are wondering which ones are the absolute cheapest in terms of insurance costs, consider the following options, which all fall into Group One for auto insurance purposes in the U.K.

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1. Hyundai i10

This smaller car is known for being fairly reliable and having low maintenance costs. Hyundai also offers a standard warranty for five years. Even with some of the premium trimmings, you will still be offered low insurance rates with this choice.

2. SEAT Mii

This car falls into the lowest group of insurance rates, but it is still noted for being fun to drive. If you want the lowest insurance rate possible, stick with the S model because the other options are slightly more expensive to insure.

3. Skoda Citigo

Even if you chose to go with the SE model of this car, you will still be able to enjoy the most affordable insurance rates. This is a popular choice for many new drivers because it boasts a good gas mileage rate and is fairly safe.

4. Kia Rio

This car is unique in that it comes with a hatch and is still considered one of the cheapest cars for insurance purposes. The Kia warranty is also extensive, which means that you can rest easy in the first few years of ownership about major mechanical problems.

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5. Volkswagen Up

This car is definitely on the small side, but it still features quality manufacturing. Owners of the Volkswagen Up say that it is enjoyable to drive, although it is considered one of the more expensive small cars.