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Cheap Car Insurance County Armagh + UK Group Quotes & Brokers Near Me

Nowadays everyone desires to keep motoring costs in control and in particular in terms of ensuring that you’re not over paying for your auto insurance. When you are buying vehicle insurance there are a number of steps you could implement that will help in getting cheaper auto insurance and in keeping the cost of your premiums down.

Compare Insurance Quotes

Compare insurance prices from different companies in County Armagh and never assume that the renewal quote you are getting from your current broker or insurer is the best deal you can get. Before heading straight to the insurer or agent, try and check out the vast information that is available on the Internet. For example, in the UK, the National Consumer Agency has several detailed guides related to motor insurance.

Combine Car Insurance with Other Items

Insurance companies at times offer discretionary extra credit when you buy multiple insurance products as a package from them. Alternatively, tell them that you may consider getting your motor, home, pet, and holiday insurances from their company if they are willing to give you a good discount.

Additionally, when you agree to pay a bit more (excess cover) towards meeting the cost of any repairs related to accidents, it brings down your insurance premiums.

Pay for Package Once

Many companies charge interest on your insurance payments if these are spread the over the entire year. If you are in a position of paying for your annual insurance policy in a single payment, the insurer will normally give you a discount for that, obviously bringing the cost of your auto insurance down.

Take Advantage of Seniority in Age

As you get older, it does come with its advantages. Insurers set high insurance premiums for new and young drivers, but they drop the rates, particularly when you are over 45 years old. Therefore, it pays to get new quotes as the years roll by. Older people, who are deemed to be safer drivers compared to the youthful drivers can and actually do get cheaper quotes for their car insurance from nearly all established insurance companies.

Know the UK Traffic Law

Besides having to incur an up-front payment, receiving penalty points is also likely to negatively impact your insurance premium so long as they remain on your driving license. Penalty points have been designed to encourage safe driving in the UK. The first step of course is to try and to avoid penalty points.

Although it’s a legal requirement that you let your insurer know about any penalty points you have, ensure that you also alert them as soon as these are removed by the Road Safety Authority from your license. Hopefully, there is a possibility that your premium could come down as a result.


The biggest mistake you can make is to fail to shop around and simply accept the insurer’s renewal quote without shopping around, which in fact, could end up being much higher. If you are staying or working in Armagh and follow the above tips, you will be amazed at the amount of savings you will realize and yet have the best car insurance cover for your car.

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