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Cheap Car Insurance in Berkshire + UK Group Quotes & Brokers Near Me

The Royal Country of Berkshire is home to Windsor Castle, a record number of horse races, and countless drivers. British law requires each and every one of those drivers to have auto insurance before they take to the roads. Even if it didn’t, many people would choose to purchase insurance simply to protect their finances if they get into an accident with one of the many cars in the area. Regardless of whether a driver wants to get a minimal policy to meet the legal requirement or a more comprehensive plan to cover all possible problems, they can find a good deal in Berkshire.

Insurance Choices

Many of Berkshire’s residents only want an insurance policy that keeps the government happy, which makes third party insurance one of the most popular options on the market. These policies will cover the cost of any damage that the policy holder causes to the property of a third party in an accident, but it won’t cover any damage to the policy holder’s vehicle. These policies are the cheapest option available, so they’re perfect for people who are confident in their driving skills and expect to avoid running into problems on the road.

Even the best drivers can lose their cars at the hands of a cunning thief, or see it destroyed when a fire breaks out. Drivers who are concerned about those risks often add protection against them to their insurance policies by choosing a fire and theft policy. These policies still pay for damage sustained by third parties, but they add in payments for the policy holder if their vehicle is lost or damaged due to a fire or the actions of a thief. Damage sustained as part of an accident is still the responsibility of the policy holder. These policies are a cheap way to add a little bit of extra protection for a vehicle, which makes them a fairly popular choice with bargain hunters.

Those drivers that want complete financial security should pick a comprehensive policy. While most of these policies do have a few exceptions, they generally cover damage from almost every source. Drivers who chose this type of policy should make sure that it comes with a green card, which serves as a valid proof of insurance in most of Europe. This degree of coverage does come at a higher price than the other options, but a little bit of clever shopping can make it very affordable.

Driving in Berkshire

Some people have said that Berkshire is a collection of landmarks with a county around them. While that’s certainly an exaggeration, drivers do need to contend with crowds of people that are hoping for a glimpse of Windsor Castle and other attractions. Traffic coming to and from London can also be a concern. These problems are a mild nuisance at most for drivers who pay attention to the road, but the do mean that drivers need to stay attentive in order to avoid running into accidents.

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