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The Borders are characterized by rolling hills, wide, empty spaces, and the beautiful River Tweed. The area’s generally rural population means that traffic jams and excessive congestion are rare on the roads, but the number of people that cross through on their way between England and Scotland can lead to occasional difficulties. Even so, accidents remain rare in the area. The rarity of accidents does not prevent people from purchasing auto insurance, both because it is a requirement under British law for all vehicles and because the low price means that it is worth purchasing just in case it proves to be useful.

Vehicle Insurance Options

British insurance companies have worked hard to make sure that there are a variety of insurance policies available that can fit any budget. The cheapest option is the third party insurance policy, which covers damage to the property of third party’s in an accident, but not to that of the policy holder. This is sufficient to meet the legal requirement for insurance, and is the most cost-effective method for doing so. That ensures that this type of policy is popular with people who would rather deal with the risk of an accident on their own, rather than paying for a larger policy.

Vehicles are also at risk when they are off the road, most notably from fires and at the hands of thieves. Insurance companies can help to mitigate that risk through a fire and theft policy. These policies combine the coverage of a third party policy with payments if the car is stolen or damaged in a fire. The cost of such a policy is only slightly higher than that of a third party policy for most vehicles, so this is a popular option with cautious, thrifty drivers.

The final option will offer payments to cover almost any misfortune that could befall the vehicle. These policies are known as comprehensive insurance. While they do have a few exceptions, the name is generally accurate, and most people will never run into a problem that such a policy does not cover. This type of insurance is a particularly good choice for international travelers, since it will meet the requirements for almost any nation in Europe and comes with documentation to that effect. This is the most expensive type of insurance on the market, but a little bit of research can find a policy that is affordable for almost anyone.

Driving in the Borders

There are fewer roads in the Borders than in most other parts of Britain, but those roads that are present see quite a bit of use. In particular, many of the travel routes that would be served through rail service in the rest of the country rely on bus services. That means that there are more people on the road than one might expect for a rural area, so people should always be on their guard against accidents. This is especially true around the major population centers, and drivers who have started to relax on the way to a city should always remember to start watching more carefully once they arrive.

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