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Touring in Cambridgeshire

Have you considered undertaking a road trip through scenic Cambridgeshire? Located due north of London near the heart of East Anglia, this lovely shire boasts many cultural and archaeological sites of interest! Driving in this historic region allows visitors and residents alike to appreciate the beautiful English countryside more fully.

Insurance Requirements

Anyone operating a motor vehicle in Cambridgeshire must, as a minimum requirement, possess a valid driver’s license and maintain “third party” auto liability insurance. This type of insurance policy protects people harmed as a result of roadway accidents involving the insured.

To provide greater financial assistance to help safeguard yourself and your passengers from losses incurred as a result of traffic mishaps, you might want to consider purchasing additional insurance before you travel in Cambridgeshire. For example, you might seek an insurance policy providing reimbursement for a wider array of possible auto-related losses. Many travelers prefer to obtain comprehensive insurance coverage.

Finding Cheap Auto Insurance

How can you locate cheap auto insurance before undertaking a road trip through Cambridgeshire? Simply peruse this website in depth. You’ll discover helpful information here to enable you to fully insure your household and your belongings.

Weather Conditions in Cambridgeshire

Travelers often encounter chilly temperatures in Cambridgeshire during winter months, when average daily low temperatures approach freezing. Snowfalls occur here during the coldest months of the year with some frequency.

During the late spring and summer, the thermostat rises significantly. Residents of this shire enjoy pleasant mild temperatures in the high 60-degree and low 70-degree Fahrenheit ranges. Inland Cambridgeshire receives less rain than many other parts of England during the summer. Between May and September, excellent weather conditions for travel and other outdoor activities usually prevail!

Points of Interest

What attractions should you consider visiting during a road trip through Cambridgeshire? You may find these places interesting:

King’s College, Cambridge

Consider taking a tour of historic King’s College in Cambridge, a famous educational institution founded by King Henry VI in 1441. Many people consider the college chapel one of the best examples of medieval architecture in England.

Buckden Palace

Visit the peaceful village of Buckden in Cambridgeshire to see historic Buckden Palace. It became the full-time country residence of King Henry VIII’s first wife, Queen Katherine, after the English ruler set aside their marriage to wed a younger queen.

Gog Magog Downs

History buffs will want to take a close look at “the Gogs”, a series of chalk hills extending across southeastern Cambridgeshire. Distinctive in appearance, these prominent landmarks carry a close association with local myth and lore. Archaeologists have discovered artifacts dating from the Bronze Age in this region of Cambridgeshire! Golfers will enjoy playing on a course here established in 1901 at Gog Magog Golf Club. A nearby public reserve encompasses 163.5 acres. It offers a place for the public to hike and enjoy the beauty of the area.

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