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Visit Cornwall

Located in far southwestern England, Cornwall encompasses many beautiful coastal rocky vistas and windswept moors. This distinctive region of the UK appeals to tourists and residents alike! Consider undertaking a road trip through this region to appreciate its charms and warm, distinctive communities.

Insurance Regulations in Cornwall

In order to drive a motor vehicle in Cornwall, you must obtain both a valid license and adequate insurance. Laws in the UK require a driver in Cornwall to obtain “third party” insurance. This liability policy will provide financial compensation if you become involved in an auto accident causing damage to other people or their property.

Unfortunately, third party insurance provides a minimal level of financial protection. It won’t assist you in paying for the replacement of your own automobile, for instance. For this reason, some travelers choose to purchase additional insurance coverage before setting out on a road trip through Cornwall.

Obtaining Insurance in Cornwall

To locate insurers offering coverage for motorists in Cornwall, simply spend some time perusing this helpful website in detail. You’ll discover important resources here for obtaining insurance protection!

Expect Occasional Storms in Cornwall

What climate conditions should you expect to during a motor excursion in Cornwall? The answer to this question really depends upon the time of year.

Since Cornwall occupies the tip of a rocky peninsula jutting into the Celtic Sea and the cold Atlantic Ocean, this part of the UK sometimes suffers from brisk winter gales. Rains occur frequently in this coastal region. Seasonal temperatures fluctuate, with January and February providing the coldest temperatures and warmer weather arriving during the summer.

Sites of Interest

Cornwall today offers many landmarks and fun activities. Once a center for both smuggling and tin mining, this region possesses a rich cultural history. Include some of these sites in your travel itinerary:


When you visit this interesting part of the UK, spend some time exploring the historic City of Truro. Residents here traditionally spoke their own language, Cornish. Although native speakers have disappeared, you can still discover traces of traditional Cornish culture in Truro, a community located in the center of this unique region. Consider visiting the harbor and taking a cruise between Truro and Falmouth. Also spend time touring local shops, pubs and restaurants, including the Lemon Quay indoor market. Some pubs still serve Cornish cuisine. You’ll enjoy exploring fascinating Truro!

Ballowall Barrow

Tour a Bronze Age cairn of archaeological interest located along the coast. It offers some lovely views of the nearby Celtic Sea.

Take a Beach Tour

You’ll enjoy the opportunity to see a variety of different coastal vistas in lovely Cornwall. Cornwall’s tourism authorities provide a listing of public beaches for the benefit of visitors. For centuries, boats and water activities have played a prominent role in Cornish life! A road trip through scenic fishing villages in this region offers a great way to see the area.

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