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British law is quite clear on the topic of auto insurance. Every car that is on a British road needs to have insurance, and that law extends to Northern Ireland, including County Londonderry. The large crowds that can fill the roads in the city of Derry mean that plenty of people in the county would have a good reason to buy auto insurance even if there was no law requiring it. Those crowds can often spill out into the rural regions, so there are very few people in Londonderry who can’t benefit from a good vehicle insurance policy.

Vehicle Insurance Options

The people of Londonderry have plenty of options when it comes to insurance, but the policies can be broken up into three broad categories. The most popular type of vehicle insurance is the third party policy, which was designed to meet the requirements of British law at the lowest possible price. These policies will not pay the policy holder to cover damage to their car after an accident, but they will pay for any damage that the holder causes to the property of third parties. People who don’t expect to get into accidents and those who would rather deal with risk through savings rather than insurance love these policies, but people who want more security often choose another option.

British insurance companies recognize that theft is always a risk, and that even the best driver can be powerless to prevent a fire from destroying their car. Fire and theft policies add protection against those risks to a third party policy, which makes them popular with good drivers who are still concerned about losing their car when they aren’t on the road. This type of policy will cost slightly more than a third party policy, but it will still be cheaper than one that pays the policy holder after an accident.

The most complete protection comes from a comprehensive insurance policy. These plans are the most expensive options on the market, but many people find that they are worth the price. Barring a few exceptions, they will cover damage from essentially any source to the policy holder’s vehicles. Most also come with a green card, which the owner can use as proof of insurance in most of Europe. Canny shoppers can reduce the cost of these policies by doing their research or going through a good insurance broker, so this level of protection is affordable for many people.

Driving in Londonderry

The city of Derry dominates the county of Londonderry. Like all cities in Britain, it offers a mixture of crowded streets, convenient shops, and historical buildings in a small space. Drivers in the city need to be very careful to avoid accidents, but attentive drivers can usually get through their business without any problems. The rural parts of the county are much safer, and the largest risks come from driver’s relaxing and letting down their guard, or failing to notice a wild animal before it darts onto the road.

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