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Durham is home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites and one of the major transportation corridors between England and Scotland. Both of those factors ensure that the roads of Durham see plenty of use. All of the people on the roads, both locals and visitors, must have an auto insurance policy as required by British law. The legal requirement is relatively flexible, so there are many different auto insurance options to choose from. Many people require help from an insurance broker to navigate all of the offerings, but even a solitary shopper can find a good deal if they’re willing to do their research.

What are the Auto Insurance Options?

There are three broad types of insurance that are available to the people of Durham. The simplest and least expensive option is third party insurance, which is the minimum that will meet the legal requirements. It will pay out to any third party whose property is damaged as a result of an accident with the policy holder, but it will not offer any payments to the policy holder himself. That makes it a strong choice for thrifty and skilled drivers who can avoid most accidents and cheaply manage emergency repairs on their own.

A slightly more expensive option is a fire and theft policy. These plans contain all of the benefits of third party insurance, so they still satisfy the legal requirement for insurance. They differ from those policies in that they will provide money to the policy holder in the event that their car is stolen or damaged in a fire. These cost more than third party plans, with the size of the increase varying based on the make and model of the car, but they still tend to be very affordable.

The last choice is a comprehensive insurance policy. This is the most expensive option that is available for most drivers, but it also offers the greatest benefits. A comprehensive plan will offer all of the benefits of the previous policies, but it also covers damage to the owner’s car from almost any source. Most plans will include a couple of exceptions, so potential buyers do need to examine them carefully before making a decision. This is also the best choice for most drivers who expect to go abroad, because these policies normally come with green cards that work as proof of insurance in most European countries.

Driving in Durham

The economy of Durham was based on the coal industry for many years. While that time has largely passed into history, drivers can still see many remnants from that era as they pass through the county. Other landmarks are also available in the form of Durham Castle and Durham Cathedral, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They, along with many other attractions, form the basis of the tourism industry that is bringing many visitors to Durham. Those visitors, combined with travelers who are going to and from Scotland, mean that Durham’s drivers should expect to be surrounded by many peers that are not terribly familiar with the area, and might drive slowly as they try to avoid getting lost.

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