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Fife is home to one of the oldest universities in the world, almost 367,000 Scots, and a network of roads that pass through dozens of unique sights. Those roads are generally safe, but drivers are still required to have vehicle insurance in accordance with the UK’s laws. Even if it wasn’t required, many drivers would still choose to purchase an insurance policy in case of emergencies, which is why many drivers in Fife choose to a policy that exceeds the legal requirement.


Types of Insurance

Several different types of auto insurance are available to the motorists of Fife. The cheapest and most basic type is third party insurance. These policies cover damage to other people and their property caused by your own vehicle during an accident, but they don’t cover any damage to your property. Drivers usually choose this option because it is the minimum required to meet the legal requirements to be on the road.

People who want more protection but who do not expect to be involved in any accidents often purchased third party fire and theft policies. These cover damage to other vehicles in the same manner as a third party policy, but they also pay out if your own vehicle is stolen or damaged in a fire. The price of these policies varies dramatically depending on the type of car that is being insured, since both the risk of fire and the risk of theft vary greatly from one model to the next.

Comprehensive insurance is available for people who are worried about paying for repairs after an accident. The details, including the precise degree of coverage, will vary from one policy to the next. In general, these policies should cover everything that the previous policies cover, along with any damage to your car in an accident and the ability to name your spouse as an additional driver on the policy. Most such policies also include green card coverage, which gives a certificate of insurance that makes it easier to deal with the authorities after an accident in another part of Europe.

Finding a Policy

There are plenty of choices for Fifers who are looking for a new vehicle insurance policy. The MacDonald group is one of the most popular, but it is far from the only option. Since there are so many to choose from, most people choose to contact a local insurance broker to help with the search. These brokers are familiar with Fife’s driving conditions, so they’re a good choice for figuring out what type of policy is best for a given driver in addition to choosing the best insurance provider.

Driving in Fife

Fife’s roads don’t stand out from the rest of Scotland because they are difficult to handle or crowded, but they do stand out for the landmarks that they pass. The University of St. Andrews is both one of the oldest in the world and visually stunning, so anyone who is passing through should take a moment to look at it. Fife’s famous golf courses offer a mix of nature and civilization, although people who want to see the sights should expect crowds around major tournaments. Even people who are commuting to work can take in the natural sights in the area. Just remember to stay safe and keep an eye on the road, no matter how charming the view may be!

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