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Auto insurance in a simple fact of life for Scottish drivers, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase. There are plenty of options out there, which allows every driver to pick a policy that gives exactly as much or as little protection as they need. For some people, this means picking the bare minimum that meets the the UK’s legal requirements to be on the road. For other people, that means picking a policy that offers complete coverage for any damage to their vehicle.

Types of Insurance

The cheapest type of insurance available in the Highlands and Islands is third party insurance. This covers any damage that your vehicle causes to the property of other people, but it does not cover damage to the vehicle itself or any property of the owner. This is the minimum policy that will meet the legal requirements for a vehicle to be on the road. That makes it one of the most popular types, especially among people who don’t expect to be involved in any accidents, or who don’t mind handling damage to their car on their own.

The next cheapest option is third party fire and theft insurance. These policies cover damage to the property of third parties in the same way as the previous type of insurance, but they also offer some protection to the owner. While damage caused due to accidents is still the owner’s responsibility, the insurance will pay out in the case of fire damage or if the car is stolen. The cost will vary based on the car’s model, since some are much more likely to get stolen or catch fire than others, but this tends to be cheaper than comprehensive plans. This makes it a good choice for people who are confident about their driving abilities, but are worried about losing their car to unavoidable misfortunes.

The final option is a comprehensive insurance policy. These plans are the most expensive ones on the market, but they also offer the most coverage. They offer all of the benefits of the previous insurance policies, but they also cover damage to the owner’s car in accidents. The precise degree of coverage will vary between policies, as will the price. Most of these plans will also offer a green card that serves as proof of the policy in other European nations, which makes international travel much more convenient.

Driving in the Highlands and Islands

The Highlands and Islands offer unique driving conditions. Their location means that drivers need to contend with the weather conditions that come with being near the sea, and they also greatly increase the odds that a driver will need to take their car on a ferry. That can lead to small bumps and minor damage to the car during the loading process, while exposure to sea air can speed damage to metal components. This encourages many residents to pay closer attention to their insurance policies than those of many other regions. Fortunately, the area makes up for those mild inconveniences with the striking views of the Scottish Highlands and the chance to see marine life up close.

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