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It is illegal to drive in the Oxfordshire roads and other counties in the United Kingdom without a motor insurance. Third party vehicle insurance is the legal minimum requirement for one to operate in the counties. The insurance policy covers for any injuries on the other driver and vehicle damages. It also compensates for damage to property and injuries to animals following an accident. Third party insurance does not cover the car repairs on the policyholders’ vehicle. The police usually check your insurance policy status from the Motor Insurance Database, and they can seize the vehicle if they fail to locate your name.

Obtaining a Car Insurance Policy

It is very easy to get a car insurance policy in Oxfordshire whether you own a fleet of cars or you just need insurance cover for one car. There are numerous insurance providers. Therefore, it would be easier to compare the quotes online or using an insurance broker. Drivers require identifying their driving situations before settling for a particular insurance cover. Understanding the different types of coverage offered by the companies helps in getting the ideal policy for your car. Before the purchase of car insurance, the driver should get the information about the discounts, policy restrictions and the exclusions in a policy cover.

Other types of Coverage

There are other insurance policies available to the drivers in Oxfordshire besides the third party insurance policy.

Comprehensive Cover

The comprehensive cover caters for the third party, theft, fire and repairs on the car. Other additional coverages in the comprehensive cover include cover for the medical and legal costs, hiring a replacement vehicle during the repair period, coverage for your death or injury as well as that of a family member, and cover for the items in the car at the time of the accident.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

It covers for the third party as well as incidences of fire or theft of your car.

Factor Affecting the Rates

Insurance companies use the age and previous driving record to assess the risks that a driver poses. In 2012, EU restricted the increase in premiums based on one’s gender. The insurance companies judge the driving behaviour using the number of points and the telematics boxes on your driver’s license. The higher the points (9 points and above), the higher the premiums since the insurance company takes you as a risk taker on the roads. Other factors that would influence the rates of the insurance company in Oxfordshire include the address where you park your vehicle, the presence of an alarm and a tracker, and the car model.

Driving Without Insurance

Driving without an insurance cover is one of the serious offenses in Oxfordshire, and it would attract penalties between £300- £1000 and six penalty points on your license. In some instances, the court can disqualify you from driving or charge you an unlimited fine. The police may seize the vehicle if your name does not appear on the Motor Insurance Database and you fail to provide a certificate of insurance. The police require you to get your car back within 14 days after which they may dispose it or sell it.

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