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Driving in Beautiful Strathclyde

If you’ve ever desired to go driving in the lovely, historic Strathclyde region of Scotland, you’ll benefit from locating inexpensive auto insurance. This area draws many tourists every year. It encompasses the busy urban City of Glasgow, and extends into the Highlands across a wide swathe of Southwestern Scotland.

Auto Insurance Regulations

In order to drive in Scotland, you must possess a valid driver’s license and, at a minimum, maintain a current liability insurance policy. This “third party” insurance helps compensate third parties who may become involved in a roadway accident with you and file a claim for compensation.

Many visitors decide to take out more extensive insurance coverage also, to protect themselves and their loved ones should a motor accident occur. Insurers in Scotland can offer policies to pay additional medical expenses following an auto collision and to assist with auto repair or replacement costs, for instance. To locate cheap auto insurance in lovely, populous Strathclyde, simply peruse this website!


Western Scotland experiences cold winters, with frigid blasts of air from the ocean sometimes causing subzero temperatures during January, February and early March. Snow, high winds and even gales sometimes create icy driving conditions here during winter months, especially in the Highlands and along the Coast.

The weather warms considerably during the Spring, although temperatures tend to remain brisk. Expect the sunniest days to occur during May, with the warmest temperatures of the year arriving in July and August.

Unique Driving Experiences

If you have an opportunity to take a road trip in this region, you may want to consider visiting some of these unique attractions:

Loch Lomand

This scenic spot, the largest body of fresh water in the UK, sits to the north of Glasgow. An inland loch, its alluring Highland scenery draws visitors from around the world.

Inveraray Castle

The ancient home of the Dukes of Argyll has become a popular tourist attraction. Take a tour of the castle, then spend some time driving around this scenic part of Strathcylde!


Every road tour of Strathclyde should include some time touring Glasgow, one of the most populous cities in the UK. Visiting shops and pubs in the city and attending sporting events at the stadium offer great insight into Scottish life.

Dumbarton Castle

Drive to the Firth of Clyde to tour Dumbarton Castle, a fortified stronghold of ancient Scottish rulers. Visitors scheduling a tour here during June can sometimes view impressive historical re-enactments.

Take a Road Excursion to Strathclyde!

With so many interesting activities in Strathclyde, you’ll probably want to visit this part of scenic Scotland frequently. The friendly, warm local people welcome travelers throughout the year!

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