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Cheap Car Insurance in Leicestershire + UK Group Quotes & Brokers Near Me

Busy roads have crossed all over Leicestershire since the days of the Roman Empire. The vehicles on the roads have certainly changes, as have the sort of people that drive them, but their importance has not. Unlike the Romans, modern drivers also need to deal with auto insurance. British law requires every driver to have an insurance policy, and many people find that they want to have more than the minimum. This has been more than enough to ensure that there is a thriving insurance market that is eager to provide a variety of policies to the people of Leicestershire.

Auto Insurance Choices

The cheapest option is third party insurance, which exists primarily to satisfy the legal requirement for drivers to have insurance while on the road. These policies exist to protect any third parties that are involved in accidents rather than the policy holder. They will cover the cost of damage to any property belonging to those third parties, but not to anything belonging to the person who owns the policy. These policies are popular both with people who want to save money and with those who are confident that they can avoid accidents while they drive.

Many of the people who are confident that they can avoid accidents are still worried by the risk of theft or fire. This led to the development of new policies, generally called fire and theft policies, that deal with those risks. Since they still need to meet legal requirements, they combine all of the benefits of third party coverage with additional coverage to deal with fires and theft. These policies cost slightly more than third party policies, with the precise price depending primarily on the type of vehicle that is being insured.

Comprehensive plans are the final option for the drivers of Leicestershire. While every policy will have a few exceptions, these plans cover almost any type of damage to the vehicle from almost any source, while also providing similar protection to any third parties that are involved in a crash. As an additional service to their customers, most companies that offer these policies will provide a green card that acts as proof of the policy for other nations in Europe. This can significantly simplify the process of dealing with foreign authorities, which makes these policies popular even with people who don’t expect to need all of the coverage that they offer.

Driving in Leicestershire

Leicestershire is near the heart of the UK, so there are plenty of drivers on the roads. They tend not to be any more dangerous than the other roads in the UK, but that does mean that they can get covered in dangerous snow and ice during bad weather. That ensures that even though most people in the area will never get involved in a major accident, there is still a reason for people to consider a reasonably comprehensive policy. Drivers who do stay safe can expect to see a variety of sights ranging from stunning skylines to crowds of livestock as they drive through the county.

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