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Lovely Northamptonshire

Located just a few miles to the northwest of London, beautiful Northampstonshire boasts a rich cultural history. You’ll enjoy driving in this location.

Insurance Requirements in the United Kingdom

Drivers in the United Kingdom must hold a valid driver’s license. Additionally, they must obtain at least “third party” liability insurance. This coverage authorizes a specific driver to operate a motor vehicle. Attempting to drive without this insurance protection can result in the imposition of legal penalties.

People traveling on road trips through Northamptonshire sometimes decide to purchase additional insurance coverage. For instance, some types of insurance policies cover the costs of repairing (or replacing) a damaged motor vehicle. Comprehensive coverage safeguards policy holders against a variety of possible mishaps.

Sources of Inexpensive Insurance

Where can drivers locate inexpensive insurance in Northamptonshire? Explore this website fully to learn about available sources of insurance coverage in the UK. You’ll discover valuable information.

The Climate in Northamptonshire

Residents of Northamptonshire typically experience the same types of weather patterns as people in London. If you travel to this area of England, expect bouts of brisk and rainy weather conditions during the autumn and spring. However, warmer temperatures prevail during summer months, with the hottest days occurring during July and August.

Local Attractions

Northamptonshire offers a variety of interesting local attractions. During a visit to this part of England, you might want to consider visiting these landmarks and sites of interest:

The Northampton Balloon Festival

With rare exceptions due to high winds, a colorful international balloon festival usually occurs in Northampton during the third week of August. This celebration has delighted residents and visitors alike for nearly 30 years. People flock to the area to witness spectacular displays of large, brightly decorated hot air balloons.

Kirby Hall

Visit the small town of Corby in Northamtonshire to explore the remains of Kirby Hall, an English Heritage site which once served as a country estate of Queen Elizabeth I. The palace and its grounds offer insights into life in England during the Elizabethan Period.

Castle Ashby Gardens

Tour the stately formal gardens outside Ashby Castle, a grand estate in Northampton. Many of the plantings appeal to butterfly populations, enhancing the charm of this peaceful location. You can spend time enjoying the grounds, and then stop in a local tea room for a relaxing afternoon snack!

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