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Some people have joked that Northumberland has more historical battlefields than residents. Those people are exaggerating, but it is true that Northumberland is one of the least densely populated counties in the UK. That helps to keep the roads relatively empty and free of accidents, although the people passing through Northumberland to get to and from Scotland do create the occasional crowd. Accidents are rare due to the low population, but every driver in the county is still obligated to have an auto insurance policy under British law. Even if that was not the case, there are occasional accidents that would justify purchasing insurance for many drivers.

Types of Insurance

Insurance companies have long recognized the fact that different people have different needs, so they have taken it upon themselves to offer several different types of insurance. Third party insurance is the most popular of those choices, since it was designed to satisfy the legal insurance requirement at the lowest possible price. It does this by paying out to cover any damages to a third party’s property that result from an accident, but not covering the policy holder’s expenses in that situation. That makes it perfect for people who expect to avoid collisions on the road, but it’s not the best choice for people who want a little more financial security.

Those individuals often choose a fire and theft policy. These policies are only a little bit more expensive than third party policies, but they offer protection if the policy holder’s car is stolen or damaged in a fire. They also provide coverage for third parties, in order to make sure that they meet the legal requirement. These are most valuable for people who live in an area where accidents are unlikely, but the risk of fire or theft is unusually high, or those who have an unusually valuable car in such a location.

Many people are also concerned about the cost of being involved in an accident. Comprehensive plans exist in order to make sure that those people can get the coverage that they need. While all of these plans do include a few exceptions, they will cover damage to a vehicle from most sources that the average driver will ever encounter. The price of the policy will vary from one vehicle to the next, but most drivers can find a reasonably good deal if they are willing to shop around. A professional insurance broker can help with this, and many people in Northumberland choose to rely on one for that reason.

Driving in Northumberland

Northumberland’s roads may be quiet, but they do have challenges of their own. Most notably, people who let their attention wander on quiet roads have a tendency to get into accidents. Drivers can avoid this problem by keeping an eye out for the many historical battlefields and other landmarks in the area. That will help with staying attentive on the road, but it is also important not to get so distracted by the sights that an accident happens. Moderation is key.

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