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Cheap Car Insurance in Oxfordshire + UK Group Quotes & Brokers Near Me

Oxfordshire is most famous for Oxford University, but it is also home to many drivers and motorsport companies. Those companies have naturally drawn the attention of auto insurance providers, who have made sure that the people of Oxfordshire can choose from a wide variety of insurance policies. That is a blessing, since the government of the UK requires every driver to have auto insurance to be on the road. The minimal policies that exist purely to satisfy that requirement are cheap, but people who are willing to pay a little bit more can get an excellent deal on a more comprehensive policy.

Types of Insurance

The most basic policy that is available to Oxfordshire’s drivers is a third party policy, which is the cheapest option that will meet the legal requirement for insurance. These policies exist to provide protection for third parties that are injured or have their property damaged in an accident, rather than for the policy holder himself. As such, the policy holder is responsible for the costs of any damage to his own vehicle, but the insurance will pay for damage that he causes during an accident. Most people who choose this type of insurance are confident that they can avoid causing accidents on the road, and expect that the risk of damage to their car from other sources is minimal.

Accidents are not the only events that can cause damage to a vehicle. Fire damage is a rare but significant problem for drivers, and there is always a risk of a car getting stolen. Fire and theft policies exist to protect drivers from those risks. They also provide all of the same protections as third party policies, so they are sufficient to meet the legal insurance requirement. These are most popular with skilled drivers who can expect to avoid accidents, but are worried about losing their beloved vehicles for other reasons.

Finally, some people prefer to purchase comprehensive plans. These insurance policies will pay the policy holder when their car sustains damage from almost any sources in addition to providing the coverage of a third party policy. They are particularly popular with people who expect to take their cars abroad, since most policies include a green card that serves as international proof of insurance. These are the most expensive policies, but it’s still possible to find a good deal, and many drivers find that they are well worth the price.

Driving in Oxfordshire

The roads of Oxfordshire can be hard for drivers to handle, especially around the city of Oxford itself. Large numbers of students and tourists can clog the roads, which can increase the risk of accidents. However, that has not stopped the people of Oxfordshire from embracing their vehicles. It’s also home to some of the best high-performance motorsport companies in the world. Those facts have drawn plenty of insurance companies to the area, which means that there are more than enough options to choose from. Many people choose to contact a professional insurance broker to help them navigate those choices, since they have the local knowledge and professional skills to find the best deals for each person.

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