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Cheap Car Insurance Aberdeen Near Me [Multi Car Quotes + Best Companies]

Car insurance is a legal requirement in Scotland and, without it, drivers can face some hefty penalties or fines. On top of that, driving without car insurance places not only the driver at risk, but thousands of other drivers in the city. There is a peace of mind once a driver purchases car insurance, knowing they are covered, especially when it’s cheap.

This city in Scotland offers its residents so much beautiful architecture and adventures, all of which can only be enjoyed by driving there, which requires car insurance. Have you ever dreamt of visiting Craigievar Castle, Aberdeen Maritime Museum, or The Tolbooth?

Important Driving Laws or Standards in Scotland

It’s imperative to be well versed in the laws of Scotland before approaching their roads. In this country, it’s imperative that drivers are prepared for the narrow, tight, and windy roads through-out the country. In that, there are numerous turn-outs on these roads since some roads are impassable with two cars. The driver that contains a turn-out, by law, must pull over to allow an oncoming car to drive by.

It’s also important to note that law enforcement officials do not drive around the cities with noticeable sounds or signs, making them recognizable by the common eye. In fact, law enforcement officials drive similar cars as regular drivers, making it nearly impossible for drivers to distinguish where an officer may be. This has proven to help significantly reduce speeding across different areas of the country.

Recently, Scotland passed a driving law significantly decreasing the legal-drinking requirement, making it the lowest in all the United Kingdom. In fact, the alcohol-limit has been dropped from 80mg to 50mg.  The rationale behind this law is to help reduce any alcohol related injuries, fines, and even deaths.

Driving in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is large city and council area in Scotland with over 230,000 people, making it the third largest city in Scotland and 37th largest in the United Kingdom. To date, there are six prominent roads that give residents access to visit neighboring cities, A90, A92, A93, A96, A944, and A947. The most congested times in the city are most often the peak-driving hours of the day. For example, 8-9am in the morning may prove to be quite chaotic. In light of this, it’s vital to drive through the “Granite City” with as much caution as possible. Many accidents in any city may be avoided through patience and care.