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Cheap Car Insurance in Belfast Near Me [Multi Car Quotes + Best Companies]

Auto-insurance is a requirement to drive in any part of the United Kingdom, especially in Belfast, the largest and principal city of Northern Ireland. Driving in large cities can be risky on its own and, without an acceptable car insurance policy, not only are you placing yourself at risk, but thousands of others around the city. When you purchase even a cheap car insurance policy, the company will not only help evade any potential law suits, but also claim any monetary value.

The best part is that car insurance is not even as expensive as people make it seem to be! With so many vehicle insurance options, there is no better way to enjoy Belfast admiring the Ulster Museum Botanic Gardens, or Belfast City Hall than driving around, knowing that you are protected and safe.

Vehicle Insurance Options

As we discussed before, car insurance is not as expensive as you may think. In fact, in Belfast, insurance companies have developed numerous vehicle insurance options to help protect as many drivers on the road as possible. The most common and cheapest car insurance in Belfast is known as a third-party policy. These plans are designed to only protect the policy-holder from having to pay for any damage that a third-party may incur in an accident. There is no added protection for the policy-holder at all, which could be why many people refer to these plans as “minimum coverage plans”.

There are extended versions of these policies where drivers may add protection from unforeseen events such as theft or natural disasters. These plans, like a typical third-party policy, do not include any protection for the policy-holder’s property. If you are seeking more security and protection, a comprehensive vehicle insurance option is best for you. These plans are considerably more expensive as they offer near full-coverage for both third-party and the policy holder. Experts have suggested that if a driver is planning on purchasing a comprehensive plan to apply for the highest-deductible as these are proven to be cheaper in the long-run.

Driving in Belfast

Belfast is a significantly large city in the heart of Northern Ireland with over 330,000 residents. The city is known around Europe to have some of the most extensive road networks on the continent. With over 36km of the M2 and M22 motorway, the majority of people that live in Belfast opt to drive rather than use public transportation, which is quite different than other major cities in the UK. With that being said, the roads of Belfast nearly always have cars on the road. While the roads may be extensive, there is always a risk of potential backups and traffic jams on the motorways. Driving with caution and patience is principle to handling the roads of Belfast.