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Cheap Car Insurance Bristol Near Me [Multi Car Quotes + Best Companies]

Auto insurance in the United Kingdom is a legal requirement that must be followed in order to drive safely and legally on the motorways. Sadly, many drivers happen to disregard this law, believing it is too expensive or unobtainable.

To date, car insurance companies have developed numerous vehicle insurance options that are not only cost-effective but legally acceptable in the United Kingdom. In other words, drivers have the ability to decide their policy coverage, essentially determine their insurance costs, and drive with their own peace of mind. So, if you want to spot the SS Great Britain, Kennet and Avon Canal, or the Bristol Zoo, cheap car insurance will make everything that much easier.

Driving in Bristol

In the past 10 years, driving in Greater Bristol has completely changed as the population has increased. Today, Bristol is known as the 7th largest city in all of England, which in turn translates to more drivers on the road. Today, thousands of new drivers are entering the Bristol motorways, driving the risk for car accidents into the sky. The city is broken up by numerous motorways, including M4, M5, M32, and M49, all of which are intertwined with the infamous Avon ring road, or the A4174. Given the numerous motorways and overpopulated city, an effective car insurance plan is the key to the peace of mind while driving on the motorway.

Vehicle Insurance Options

If you are looking for the cheapest car insurance policy in the Great Bristol area, the best policy is known as the “minimum coverage plan” or third-party insurance. At the core, these policies serve to protect the policy holder from any damage that their car may bring to other drivers. However, there is a minor caveat with this policy – they do not cover the policy holder in any way or form. These plans are considered the bare essentials of what is legally acceptable in the United Kingdom – hence why they are the cheapest.

The step above this basic plan is a third-party plan that includes numerous add-on or risk-coverage options. For example, an individual to can choose a third-party plan that includes coverage for the policy holder’s car if it has been damaged by a fire or stolen. Like the minimum coverage plan, this does not cover any damage that a policy holder may incur from a car accident. Given the added insurance benefits and bonuses, this plan does cost slightly more than the first insurance option.

Another alternative plan that drivers may opt-into is a more comprehensive insurance plan that offers the best of both worlds. They are relatively expensive in comparison to their counterparts, offering full third-party coverage, and even policy-holder coverage. It’s important to know that each company does vary in coverage percentage, which is important to note before signing any contracts.