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Cheap Car Insurance Colchester Near Me [Multi Car Quotes + Best Companies]

When it comes to purchasing a car, many people are focused on the details, technology advancements, or their monthly installments. The one thing that people should be taking into consideration, in efforts to save money, is car insurance. Sadly, many people settle for plans without even realizing the options that are available, the variables accounting for the premium rates, or the driving conditions in their city. So, before you purchase any car insurance policy, consider the following!

Driving in Colchester

Colchester is an extremely historic market town located in Essex, England with over 120,000 residents. In light of this, when it comes to driving in the town, there are multiple different local and main roads, providing residents access in-and-out of the city. For example, the A12 road hugs the outside of the market town but can be access but a few local community roads, like the A134 or the B1508. One word of caution when driving through Colchester is to be extremely cautious near the centre of the city – especially around The Castle Museum. There is frequent delays and congestion – which is an ingredient for an accident.

3 Factors that can Lower or Raise Car Insurance Premiums

  1. Driving Record

The first factor that can either lower or raise your car insurance premiums is your driving record. If you are an accident-prone driver, which some refer to as bad-luck, chances are, your premiums will be significantly higher that another driver. However, if you are crash-free, your premiums will remain much lower. Now, for those of you who experienced an accident in the past, it may still appear on your record; however, in due time, your premium will adjust.

  1. Type of Car

This is a known factor that can play a role in the cost of your car insurance premiums. Today, insurance companies will offer greater discounts and better car insurance rates for drivers that purchase cars that are rated “safer” than other vehicles. Now, if you have a taste for luxury or flashy vehicles, you can anticipate that your insurance will be most costly, and may requirement a comprehensive policy, which is known as the most expensive one.

  1. Age and Sex

While a driving record and the type of vehicle do play a role in car insurance premiums, age and sex can play a major significant part. Reason being, car accidents are known to be most frequent in drivers that are male under 25 years old. Now, it’s worth mentioning that, if insuring a student driver, insurance companies offer numerous discounts, especially for those with good grades.