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Cheap Car Insurance Manchester UK Near Me [Multi Car Quotes + Best Companies]

Are you currently in the market to purchase a new or used car? If so, first and foremost, congratulations. Manchester is one of the most beautiful cities with so much to do and see. From Old Trafford, John Ryland Library to the Museum of Science and Industry, the only true way to fully enjoy these experiences is through navigating through the city.

With that being said, if you did not know, it’s legal requirement for drivers to purchase a car insurance policy before entering the roads of Manchester. So, before you are quick to purchase your car, take the time to learn a bit about driving in Manchester and a few factors that may influence your insurance premiums. That way – you are prepared and you can try to save as much money as possible.

Driving in Manchester

When it comes to the United Kingdom, Manchester holds the reign as one of its most prized cities. Known for its rich history, popular soccer team, and unbelievable architecture, this city is one of the largest cities in all of the UK with well over 530,000 residents. Today, Manchester is a popular tourist destination, which will play a heavy role in the already crowded city. The entire city is encircled by the M60 motorway with connections to numerous major A roads. In fact, on a map, the city of Manchester looks almost like a spiderweb with the heart and centre of Manchester at the center. As far as traffic is concerned, it’s evident that, based upon pure population size, there is constant congestion and delays. There is every-day through traffic all through-out the major A-roads, especially on the motorway. In light of this, if you need to drive in Manchester, do so with caution and patience.

Factors that Influence Insurance Premiums

  • Driving Record

One of the most significant factors that will influence your insurance premiums is your driving record. If you have a previous record of numerous car accidents, car insurance companies will charge a higher premium because they view you, the driver, as a risk. With that being said, if you have car accidents from your past, try to negotiate or talk with potential insurance companies and inquire about when these accidents will no longer affect your premium.

  • Credit Report

Your credit score will follow you through-out many important purchases in life. If you did not know, your credit score will be pulled when you apply for car insurance. So, before you do may that call, be sure to do all you can to improve your credit score. If you enter a Manchester car insurance company’s office with poor credit, you can guarantee your premium will be high.

  • Location

Location is probably one of the most important indicators of a high or low insurance premium. Reason being, a location can determine whether or not there is a risk in the environment for the driver. With that being said, if you are living in a large city, like Manchester, where the crime or theft is high OR there are many urban drivers, insurance companies will view that as a risky environment. As a result, those drivers in that city will experience a higher premium.