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Car insurance is a legal requirement in Scotland and, without it, drivers could face a hefty penalty and face substantial setbacks. In our opinion, purchasing a car insurance policy can be one of the most liberating and exciting experiences. In doing so, you are metaphorically purchasing your own personal driving bodyguard, serving to protect your car in driving situations, which can prove beneficial when driving on the roads of North Ayrshire. In this article, we are going to discuss the conditions of driving in North Ayrshire and a few Scottish driving laws and expectations that are important to note before driving on the roads.

Driving in North Ayrshire

North Ayrshire is a council area in Scotland, representing well over 135,000 people, ranking it the 15th largest in the country. The entire council area is accessible from two different major roads: A78, which hugs the coast of the Firth of Clyde and the A737, which divides the council area alongside the Clyde Muirshield Regional Park. For residents, these two roads can bring drivers straight into Glasgow from the M8 and M77 connections.  It’s imperative to drive through this area with great caution due to the narrow roads and daily through-traffic.

Scotland Driving Laws

There is nothing quite like driving in the beautiful and historic country of Scotland. However, it’s imperative to be aware of the rules of the road alongside driving expectations, otherwise, driving in Scotland may be stress, any potentially expensive. Here are a few driving laws and expectations worth mentioning:

  • Drinking and Driving Law

Scotland recently passed a law to lower the drinking and driving limit, effectively making it the lowest in the United Kingdom. So, to avoid any potential legal consequences, avoid driving over the 50mg limit – 30mg lower than the UK standard limit. This new law was passed in hopes to reduce alcohol-related accidents.

  • Turn-Out Expectation

Scotland is also known for its extraordinary tight and narrow roads. In some cases, only one drive can pass at a time. This is why some Scottish roads have embedded turn-outs on the roads. The purpose of these is to indicate who has the right-of-way when driving on the road. If you are driving on a road that is too narrow for two cars and you have a turn-out, it’s expected that you will pull into the turn-out and give the other driver time to pass.

  • Law Enforcement Officials

In Scotland, law enforcement officials do not drive noticeable vehicles, as in other countries. So, it’s very difficult to distinguish whether the car behind or in front of you is a law enforcement official. This is why all drivers in north Ayrshire should always drive and follow the driving laws.

  • Cell Phone Laws

In North Ayrshire, law enforcement officials are very strict about the use of cell-phones while driving. While you may be allowed to use a hand-held device, it’s highly advised to simply drive with the intent of driving and not altering your focus.