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Cheap Car Insurance West Lothian Near Me [Multi Car Quotes + Best Companies]

Car insurance is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom and, without it, drivers could face legal consequences. In our opinion, unless you enjoy taking public transportation, purchasing a car insurance policy is a worth-while investment. With beautiful attractions like the Five Sisters Zoo and Beecraigs, the only true way to enjoy these places is by appreciating the entire council area of West Lothian.

Driving in West Lothian

West Lothian is a council area in Scotland with over 180,000 residents, making it the 9th largest area in the entire country. The council area is divided by the M8 road, which crosses straight through the center. Locals can find access to the A71 and M9 motorway on the east and western part of the centre. It is highly advised to drive on the M8 and M9 motorway with caution as there is frequent through-traffic. The busiest area, or most congested, will be the Forth Bridge. If you are utilizing this to access Dunfermline, do so with caution.

Scotland Driving Laws

Driving in Scotland is not like driving anywhere else in the world. In light of this, it’s important to have some knowledge and background about the driving laws and what is expected of you as a driver. With that being said, there are a few laws or expectations worth noting:

  1. Turn-Outs

Since Scottish roads are narrower than anywhere else, the roads have built-in turn-outs when there are two cars trying to pass on and road that only fits one car. So, in the country, drivers who have a turn-out on their road are expected to turn into the turnout when there are two cars on the road, if both cars cannot pass.

  1. Cell-Phones

As with many other countries and cities in the world, cell-phones are banned to use while driving. In West Lothian this is strictly enforced and, if drivers do not pay close attention, they can be fined and face legal consequences.

  1. Law Enforcement Officials

Law Enforcement Officials in West Lothian do not drive in specified vehicles. In other words, drivers will never know whether an official is driving in front, behind, or hugging on the side of the road. In light of this, we highly suggest to always drive with care and caution.

  1. Drinking and Driving

Scotland is known to have the lowest and strictest laws against drinking in driving. Recently, the country passed a law lowering the drinking and driving limit, effectively earning the award as the lowest in the United Kingdom. The alcohol limit in the United Kingdom is 80mg; however, in Scotland, it is 50mg.