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The Best Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Many drivers are steamed at the high cost of car insurance, and are looking for ways to save money on their motor cover. There are many guides out there that attempt to tell motorists how to hide information or creative ways of expressing information to insurance companies to help people save money, but drivers should beware of these types of information. Even if these strategies work, they can lead to your claim being denied, usually at a cost of far more pounds than you saved on your car insurance bill. Instead of being deceptive, motorists should instead try these different strategies for lowing their car insurance bill.
The Best Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Choose Your Car Wisely

Car insurance is something that should be considered when shopping for a new motor. Different types of cars cost different amounts to insure. There are a few things drivers can look for in a new car that will help them save some quid on their insurance bill:

Limit the Power

The more power that a motor has, the higher the risk that it will be in an expensive accident. If the cost of car insurance has you concerned, don’t get more power than you need.

Common is Cheaper than Rare

Driving a rare car means that your insurance will be higher, as the car is more expensive and parts for it will be harder to find, increasing the cost of repairs. Moreover, rare or luxury cars are also at a higher risk of theft, further increasing the cost of insurance.

Modesty Saves

More popular and flashier cars are also at a higher risk of theft. If your concern is the lowest insurance possible stick to cars that aren’t targets, and that aren’t the most popular badges on the road.

Factory means Frugality

Adding modifications, or buying a modded out car, will cause insurance price to go up. This applies to cosmetic as well as mechanical enhancements. Buying a car in factory condition will help keep rates low.

Driving Habits and Car Insurance Cost

Insurance is a statistics driven marketplace. There are a few driving habits you can use to help keep your insurance rate down.

Driving Frequency

Motorists who are on the road frequently will incur a higher cost than those on the road rarely. If you have the option to not use your car to commute, then do so in order to lower your rate. Insurance companies use the mileage you drive each year as a factor in determining how much of a risk you are.

Data Driven Insurance

The recent surge in mobile technology has led some companies to offer programs that track your driving to determine your rate. Drivers with these policies can save money by not quickly braking or rapidly accelerating. Gentle and deliberate driving shows the insurance company that you are less of a risk, decreasing your rates.

Avoid Citations

Citations for speed, failure to obey traffic laws, and especially drink-driving all show the insurance company that you are a greater risk for them. Following traffic laws not only saves some pounds on hefty fines, but also helps car insurance companies understand you as a low-risk driver.

Specific Situations

In addition to these general strategies for saving money on car insurance, individuals in specific circumstances have access to other ways of saving money.

For example, if you haven’t filed a claim with your insurance company in a year or more, then you should inquire after your NCB, or No-Claims Bonus. This can substantially lower your car insurance rates because you have a track record of not requiring insurance payouts.

Another group that may be especially interested in lower car insurance quotes UK companies offer is youth. Younger drivers are seen as a greater risk because they have less driving experience and a statistically higher likelihood of engaging in reckless motoring behavior. Many companies offer discounts for good marks at school or university. Moreover, youths can also take a more rigorous driving course in addition to their qualification exam. These courses show insurance companies that you are not only responsible, but have a greater degree of training than other drivers.


As you can see, there are many legitimate ways to decrease the cost of your car insurance. Try some of these tactics in order to save some quid and stay legal on the road.