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Everything You Need to Know About Adding a Driver to Your Car Insurance

There are many arcane and confusing elements when it comes to insurance products, and one of the most obscure processes is that of adding a driver to your insurance policy. Many motorists don’t know how to add a drier to their policy, when they should do so, or what the benefits of doing so are. This guide will provide the information motorists need to manage the drivers on their policy like a professional
Everything You Need to Know About Adding a Driver to Your Car Insurance

When Do You Need To Add A Driver?

You should add a driver anytime someone is going to be using your car. There may be exceptions in your policy for small uses, but this is a policy to policy consideration, and on the whole it is better to be safe than sorry, after all, that’s the point of insurance!

One common situation when it is beneficial to add a driver to your policy is when you get a new roommate. In the modern economy flatmates and roommates are becoming increasingly common. Frequently people you live with will want to borrow your car, even if they have one of your own. Your car may be parked closer, or might be more reliable if they are making a longer trip. Adding someone you live with to your car insurance can be a great way to avoid heated and contentious confrontations later on down the line.

Another common reason people should add someone to their insurance policy is in the case of cohabitation or marriage. Adding a partner or spouse to your insurance policy ensures that they will be able to use your car should they need to. This could be to provide a sober driver, or just because they prefer your car to their car.

Finally, if someone is borrowing your car for an extended period of time, and isn’t getting temporary cover, then you should certainly add them as a driver to your policy. This will shield you and them from liability in case they are in an accident, and prevents complicated and expensive legal proceedings should that situation arise.

What Are the Benefits of Adding a Named Driver?

There are a number of benefits to adding a named driver to your car insurance cover. The first is that the person you add will have cover if they use your car and are in an accident.

Another benefit is for parents and guardians of youths. Adding a new or inexperienced driver to your policy is frequently cheaper than paying for a policy of their own. This can save you a few quid that you’ll likely need when the new driver has an unfortunate encounter with a tree.

Moreover, if you are an inexperienced driver, adding an experienced driver to your policy can lower your premium. This is because the risk that the insurance company will have to pay on a claim is distributed across all of the named drivers, and so the risk the insurance company faces is reduced.

What is the Cost of Adding a Driver?

The cost of adding another driver to your policy depends on a number of factors, including the additional driver’s name, age, relationship to you, whether or not the additional driver has their own vehicle, license information, and driving history.

Additionally, you’ll likely have to pay an amendment fee, usually £15-30. Savvy consumers should take note that the cost of adding drivers on your policy repeatedly can prevent you from getting the cheapest car insurance possible. If someone is frequently being added to your policy it might be advisable to add them as a permanent driver.

Are There Alternatives to Adding a Driver?

Adding a driver isn’t the only solution to many of these situations, though it may be the best in some of them. Another option is for the individual who will be using your motor to take out temporary cover for themselves. This can help preserve your NCB while ensuring your car will be repaired in case the worst happens. However, this solution might not be viable for flatmates or romantic partners and spouses.


As you can see, adding a driver doesn’t have to be complicated, and can actually save you some quid, but be sure to do your research to ensure it’s the right option for you.