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Finding Inexpensive Car Insurance after a Ban

Sometimes circumstances will result in a driving ban that can lasts months or even years. Motorists who have had problems with persistent speeding, dangerous driving, or drink-driving can find themselves facing an uphill struggle to get affordable car insurance once their ban has expired.

Many insurance companies will not offer insurance to motorists who have had a ban, or will offer insurance only to those who had bans for specific reasons, but the premiums will be through the roof. Given all these challenges, how can a driver returning from a ban find affordable car insurance?

Finding Inexpensive Car Insurance after a Ban

Finding Insurance

The first step is to find insurance companies that are willing to offer you cover. Many companies will allow individuals who have had certain types of bans apply for cover. Therefore, it is important to note the specific reason that you were banned, and ensure the accuracy of the conviction code. For example, many companies will provide insurance to those who have SP30, a speeding ban, or TS20, for failure to obey traffic signals. Moreover, there are companies that specialize in helping higher-risk drivers find the insurance cover they need to be on the road legally.

Reducing the Cost of Insurance

There are also steps that post-ban drivers can take to lower the cost of their insurance. While their premiums may still be higher than others, these tactics can help drivers save a great many pounds every year on their car insurance.

Car Selection

The first step is to choose the right car. Drivers should study the insurance groups that different cars are in and pick the car from the lowest group possible that still meets their needs. The cost difference between insurance groups can be substantial, and using a car from a lower insurance group can save hundreds of pounds per year.

Voluntary Excess

Another way to decrease car insurance rates is to take a higher voluntary excess. This is the amount of money that you agree to pay before the insurance company has to pay out according to your policy. Accordingly, agreeing to a higher amount reduces the risk and the cost that the insurance company has to pay out, lowering your insurance premium.

No-Claims Bonus

Another way that motorists coming back from a ban can save some money is by digging out their old NCB, if they had one. Many companies will honor an NCB from before a ban, and this can result in substantial savings for many customers.

Reduce Car Use

Insurance rates are calculated on statistics, and the more you use your car, the greater the statistical risk of it being in an accident resulting in an insurance pay out. If you take public transportation to work, and drive your car only when absolutely necessary, your risk of accident is lower and so the insurance company will be likely to lower your insurance rate.

Pay Up Front

Another method that banned drivers can use to reduce their insurance premium is to pay for the whole policy up front. Many companies offer the option to pay in monthly installments, however this option always results in the driver paying more over the course of the insurance policy. Paying up front means there is less risk for the insurance company, as well as less work because they do not have to track your account to ensure that it’s current, or run the risk of you not paying your bill. Companies are willing to offer discounts to eliminate this risk and uncertainty.

Choose the Right Insurance

Another issue that faces banned drivers is choosing cheap car insurance UK companies offer. For many motorists looking to keep insurance premiums down, the best option is third-party insurance. This covers damage to others but does not give any cover for your own car. Therefore, the risk that the insurance company faces is lowered and they are able to reduce your rate. However drivers should be warned that this may result in a financial pinch if their car is damaged in an accident for which they are at fault, as they won’t get any money from their insurance company to help repair or replace it.


As you can see, there are a number of ways drivers returning from a ban can lower their car insurance rates. Try some of these tactics and let us know what works best!