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A Guide to Comprehensive Car Insurance

Many drivers have wondered about comprehensive car insurance. Does the cover it provide justify spending your hard earned pounds? There are many pros, and just as many cons to going fully comp, and this guide will help drivers sort out if fully comp cover is right for them.

What is Fully Comp Cover?

Fully comp means that the insurance covers damage to your car and person as well as damage to the property and persons of others. This stands in contrast to other cover, like third party insurance, which only gives cover for other individuals person and property, as well as third party fire and theft, which has the benefits of third party insurance, while also covering your car in the event of damage from a fire or damage or loss from theft. Therefore, you get more cover from fully comp insurance.

What Are the Reasons to Get Fully Comp Insurance?

One of the main benefits of fully comp insurance is that you can get your insurance company to cover damages to your car if you are in an accident and are the driver at fault, or when the fault for an incident cannot be determined or assigned.

With fully comp insurance you do not have to pay for repairs to your car, and that can save drivers a lot of money when compared to other kinds of insurance cover.

Fully comp cover will be especially appealing for individuals who have financed their car and still owe money on it. Should you be at fault in an accident for a car you are still paying for, and the car is totaled, a third-party insurance policy will leave drivers hanging with an expensive car note, and no car to show for it.

Fully Comp Pricing

Many drivers suspect that fully comp cover costs more than third-party or third-party fire and theft. This is usually the case, but savvy insurance shoppers will tell you that the difference between the two different types of policies can sometimes be as little as a few quid. This means that some drivers have the ability to dramatically expand their cover for little to no extra investment on their part.

Fully comp cover can be less expensive because many high risk drivers prefer third-party cover. As a result, the statistics that insurance companies use to determine the pricing on their policies can become skewed to provide very cheap car insurance prices on fully comp cover because there are so many fewer claims against those sorts of policies.

Fully Comp Cover Enhancements

One of the most important things any motorist can do is fully understand what their insurance policy does and does not cover. Just because a policy is labeled as fully comp doesn’t mean that it has the protections that drivers might assume. This has given rise to a number of insurance extras that some drivers choose to pay for.

One of the most popular insurance extras is a curtesy car. This feature is sometimes included in fully comp policies, but other times has to be added as an extra. A curtesy car provides for the driver to use or let another car while their car is being repaired. This can be an essential add on for those who rely on their car to get to work or for other important daily tasks.

Another popular extra is breakdown cover. This feature provides insurance should your car suffer from mechanical issues not related to an accident. Most fully comp insurance policies do not include this feature by default, and if it is something that is appealing to you, then you should look for policies that have it, or see if you can add it as a bonus feature.

The Best Choice

While every driver has different car insurance needs, many drivers can benefit from fully comp cover. The cost of fully comp cover and the different types of third-party cover should be compared for specific drivers, and the benefits of each policy taken into account before determining what insurance policy will be cheapest for you over time. Don’t let a few pounds difference on the premium lead you to make a decision that will ultimately cost you more money in the end. Explore fully comp cover and see if it’s right for you.