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Cheap Car Insurance for New, First Time, & Young Drivers

Youths face some of the highest costs for car insurance. This makes sense, if one considers the way that car insurance prices are set. Prices are set using statistics, and youths are statistically more likely to be in an accident, and their accidents are more likely to be more expensive. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the insurance rates for youths would be so high.

However, all is not lost. There are a number of ways that youths can lower their car insurance bill by a few quid, or even as much as several hundred pounds by following the tactics in this guide.

Insurance Savings for Young Drivers

Car Choice Matters

One of the biggest ways that young drivers can save money on car insurance is by carefully choosing a car. While some will drive their parent’s car and may not have a choice in the matter, those that are selecting a car can lower their bill a number of ways

Buying a car in a cheaper insurance group is one way to lower the cost of insurance. Cars are sorted into one of 50 different insurance groups based on a number of factors, including performance, safety, and the cost of repairs. A safer, slower, easy to repair car presents less risk to the insurance company, and so is cheaper to insure.

However, performance cars, cars with enhanced mechanical systems, and popular cars are more expensive to insure because these motors are at an increased risk for expensive accidents or theft.

Stay Safe

Another great way for young drivers to start saving on their insurance is to earn a No-Claims Bonus, or NCB. An NCB is triggered or enhanced when a driver doesn’t make a claim against their insurance for 12 consecutive months. Earning an NCB shows insurance companies that a driver is responsible and presents a lower risk. Many companies let NCB’s accrue up to a maximum of five years, saving hundreds of pounds.

Add A Driver

Another strategy for new and first time drivers to lower the cost of their insurance premium is to add another, more experienced driver to their policy, or be added as an additional driver to a more experienced driver’s policy. This causes the insurance company to balance the risk posed by the different drivers, and can result in savings for inexperienced drivers if the other driver has a good record and lower rate than they do.

Furthermore, being added to another driver’s policy, like a parent or guardian, can allow youths to enjoy the benefits of that driver’s NCB, getting them one of the best money saving devices right away.

Consider Data-Driven Insurance

Some insurance companies offer programs that allow drivers to use a mobile-based app or a device that plugs into your car to track the way you drive. These apps and devices track things like how quickly a driver accelerates, the force and intensity of breaking, average speeds, top speeds, and more. The result is that the insurance company can set rates based on the way you drive. This can benefit youths or inexperienced drivers by letting them show the insurance company that they engage in safe and responsible motoring practices, and thus deserve the cheapest car insurance premium.

Additional Training

Finally, many young or inexperienced drivers can benefit from receiving additional, certified and qualified training beyond that required to get their license. These course provide additional instruction in staying safe on the road, and may include advanced techniques for dealing with dangerous and unavoidable situations like poor visibility, skids, or fish-tailing. The training provided by these courses make the driver less risky from the insurance company’s prospective, and the result can be tremendous savings over the course of your driving life.

Drivers should be careful though, and ensure that any course they are considering is recognized by their insurance company and will actually provide a discounted premium rate. If you have any questions, or aren’t sure if a particular course will qualify you for a rate reduction, you should call your insurance company and inquire.


As you can see, there are many ways that youths can lower the cost of car insurance. Following these strategies and driving in a safe, responsible fashion is the best way to make driving affordable for everyone.