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The Benefits of Temporary Insurance

There are plenty of reasons why motorists might need car insurance, but won’t need it for the full year that most car insurance policies run. These can include borrowing a relative’s car for a long trip or while your car is being repaired, or using a friend’s car to help with a move.

These situations still require the motorist to have insurance, but a full year long policy is more than the motorist needs. The solution to this situation is temporary car insurance. With temporary car insurance motorists can pay for the cover they need without having to pay for a service they won’t be using.

The Benefits of Temporary Insurance

Situations for Temporary Cover

We began to describe some scenarios where you might want temporary cover, but there are more that many motorists might not have fully considered their options.

One example of these situations is when you buy a new car. You will still need insurance for your new car, but, as a savvy buyer who makes sure they are informed as to the best car insurance options, you may want to shop around before deciding on an insurance policy. Temporary insurance lets you have a month-to-month policy, providing you with the cover you need to legally use your new car, while also giving you the time needed to make an informed decision about the best full length insurance.

Temporary insurance may also be a good option for individuals who prefer to cycle through a series of cheap, lower reliability autos. Many people prefer to get the cheapest car they can find and run it until it dies, and then replace it. These individuals may benefit from temporary insurance so that they do not have to constantly open and close year-long policies on cars that have a questionable working life left in them.

There are many more situations where temporary cover can be the best option, so be sure to keep it in mind whenever you find yourself potentially having to use a car different from your standard one.

Understanding What Temporary Cover Includes

Temporary cover usually provides insurance for a period of one to 28 days. The vast majority of temporary policies provide full comp cover, and this is applied to both the car as well as the driver.

The full comp cover provided by temporary insurance means that drivers do not have to worry about having to pay for damages to the car they are driving, and can prevent awkward conversations with friends and family regarding how you are going to pay for the repairs to their cars should something unfortunate happen while you borrow it.

Moreover, the temporary policy will also protect motorists from accidents that might happen as the result of operating a vehicle they are not familiar with. Familiarity with how a motor performs is one of the leading factors in accidents, so having temporary insurance protects you from unintended mistakes or slip-ups.

One of the favorite benefits of temporary insurance is that it helps protect the NCB or No-Claims Bonus the car’s owner might enjoy. Driving a friend or family member’s car under their policy will ruin their NCB if you are in an accident, causing their insurance rates to go up and leading to a potentially difficult interpersonal situation.

Choosing the Best Temporary Insurance Policy

Temporary policies are broadly similar, and so they don’t require as much shopping around as full term insurance. Many companies offer prices over the phone, and will also complete a policy over the phone, which makes it fast and convenient for drivers who need insurance immediately.

Drivers should remember that temporary insurance takes many of the same factors into account that a regular insurance policy will evaluate. These factors include age, driving history, car, intended use, frequency of use, and the like.

One thing that drivers should keep in mind when shopping for a temporary policy is that these sorts of policies will be more expensive day-to-day than a regular insurance policy, so don’t allow this to taint your understanding of the costs that you are being quoted. After all, spending a few quid on temporary insurance is far cheaper than the fines and costs that can result from driving without insurance.


As you can see, getting temporary car insurance is a great solution for people in a number of situations, don’t hesitate to look for a temporary policy if these situations apply to you.