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How Do I Find Out My Car’s CO2 Emissions

With the growing concern over climate change and environmental impact, it has become increasingly important to understand the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced by our vehicles. By knowing your car’s CO2 emissions, you can make informed choices about your transportation and contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. Here’s how you can find out your car’s CO2 emissions in the United Kingdom.

1. Check the vehicle manual: The car manufacturer’s manual often provides information about the emissions produced by the vehicle. Look for the specific CO2 emissions figure, typically measured in grams per kilometer (g/km).

2. Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C): The V5C document, also known as the log book, contains essential details about the vehicle, including its emissions data. Look for the CO2 emissions figure in Section D.2.

3. Online databases: The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) provide online databases where you can search for your car’s CO2 emissions by entering its registration number or make and model.

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4. Manufacturer’s website: Many car manufacturers provide detailed information about their vehicle models, including the CO2 emissions. Visit the manufacturer’s website and search for your car’s make and model to find the relevant data.

5. Online CO2 emissions calculators: Various online tools and calculators are available that estimate a vehicle’s CO2 emissions based on its make, model, and engine size. These tools can provide a rough estimate if you don’t have access to official data.

6. Vehicle tax band: In the UK, vehicle tax rates are based on CO2 emissions. Check the vehicle tax band applicable to your car, as it indicates the specific emissions value.

7. Independent websites and organizations: Several independent websites and organizations offer comprehensive databases with information on CO2 emissions for different car models. These resources can be helpful in finding the emissions data for your vehicle.


1. Why is it important to know my car’s CO2 emissions?
Knowing your car’s CO2 emissions helps you understand its environmental impact and make greener choices.

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2. How do CO2 emissions affect the environment?
CO2 emissions contribute to the greenhouse effect, leading to global warming and climate change.

3. Can I reduce my car’s CO2 emissions?
Yes, by choosing fuel-efficient vehicles, driving economically, and considering alternative transportation options.

4. How are CO2 emissions measured in the UK?
CO2 emissions are measured in grams per kilometer (g/km) and are used for vehicle taxation and environmental regulations.

5. Are electric cars exempt from CO2 emissions?
Electric cars produce zero tailpipe emissions, but they may still have indirect emissions from electricity generation.

6. Are older cars more polluting?
Older cars tend to have higher CO2 emissions and lower fuel efficiency compared to newer models.

7. How can I offset my car’s CO2 emissions?
You can consider carbon offsetting programs that invest in renewable energy projects to compensate for your vehicle’s emissions.