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How Much for a Scrapped Car in the United Kingdom?

When it comes to getting rid of an old, unwanted vehicle in the United Kingdom, scrapping it is often the most convenient and environmentally friendly option. But how much can you expect to receive for your scrapped car? In this article, we will explore this question and provide answers to some frequently asked questions related to scrapping cars in the UK.

The amount you can receive for a scrapped car in the UK varies depending on several factors. These include the make, model, age, condition, and location of the vehicle. Additionally, the current market value of scrap metal also plays a role in determining the price. On average, you can expect to receive anywhere between £50 to £500 for your scrapped car.


1. What documents do I need to scrap my car?
To scrap your car legally, you will need the vehicle’s logbook (V5C), a valid photo ID, and a certificate of destruction (COD) from an authorized treatment facility.

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2. Can I scrap a car without a logbook?
Yes, you can still scrap a car without a logbook, but you will need to provide proof of ownership and complete a V62 form to obtain a new logbook.

3. Do I need to notify the DVLA when I scrap my car?
Yes, it is essential to inform the DVLA when you scrap your car. This can be done online or by post using the yellow section of your logbook.

4. What happens to my scrapped car?
Once you have scrapped your car, it will be taken to an authorized treatment facility where it will be depolluted and dismantled. The remaining parts will be recycled, and the scrap metal will be sold.

5. Can I get more money if my car is in good condition?
If your car is still in running condition, you may be able to sell it as a whole vehicle rather than scrapping it. This could potentially fetch a higher price.

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6. Can I scrap a car with outstanding finance?
If you have outstanding finance on your car, you will need to settle the debt before scrapping it. You should contact your finance company to determine the best course of action.

7. Are there any additional costs involved in scrapping a car?
No, a reputable scrap car recycling company should not charge you any additional fees for scrapping your car. The price they offer is typically all-inclusive.

Now that you have a better understanding of how much you can expect for your scrapped car and the necessary steps involved, you can confidently proceed with the scrapping process. Remember to choose a reputable scrap car recycling company to ensure a hassle-free and legal disposal of your vehicle.