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How Much Is a Scrap Car Worth in the United Kingdom?

If you have a car that is no longer roadworthy or too expensive to repair, you may be wondering how much it is worth as scrap. In the United Kingdom, the value of a scrap car depends on several factors, including the weight of the vehicle, the current price of scrap metal, and the demand for spare parts. Here is an overview of what you can expect when scrapping your car in the UK.

The value of scrap cars in the UK fluctuates due to the constantly changing price of scrap metal. However, on average, you can expect to receive around £100 to £200 for a scrap car. This amount may vary depending on the size and weight of the vehicle. It is important to note that if your car is still drivable, it may be worth more as a second-hand vehicle than as scrap.

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When it comes to scrapping your car, there are several options available. You can contact a local scrapyard or a car recycling center to get a quote. It is advisable to shop around and compare prices to ensure you get the best deal. Some scrapyards may even offer a free collection service, saving you the hassle of transporting the vehicle.


1. How do I know if my car is considered scrap?
If your car is no longer roadworthy or the cost of repairs exceeds its value, it is likely considered scrap.

2. Can I sell my car for scrap if it still runs?
Yes, but if your car is still drivable, it may be worth more as a second-hand vehicle than as scrap.

3. Do I need to provide any paperwork when scrapping my car?
Yes, you will need to provide the vehicle logbook (V5C) and a valid form of identification.

4. Can I scrap a car without a logbook?
In some cases, yes. However, you may need to provide additional documentation to prove ownership.

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5. What happens to my car after it is scrapped?
The car will be dismantled, and any reusable parts will be salvaged. The remaining metal will be recycled.

6. Is it legal to scrap a car without a valid MOT?
Yes, it is legal to scrap a car without a valid MOT. However, you cannot legally drive the vehicle on public roads.

7. Can I get a quote for my scrap car online?
Yes, many scrap car dealers offer online quoting services. Simply provide the necessary information about your vehicle, and they will provide an estimate.