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How to Check the Mileage on a Car in the United Kingdom

Checking the mileage on a car is an important step when buying a used vehicle or monitoring the usage of your own car. In the United Kingdom, there are various ways to check a car’s mileage to ensure accuracy and transparency. Here are some methods you can use:

1. Consult the service history: Many cars maintain a service history that records the mileage at each service interval. This can be found in the car’s logbook or service booklet.

2. Inspect the dashboard: Most modern cars have a digital display showing the mileage. Take note of the number displayed.

3. Check the MOT certificate: The MOT test, required annually for cars over three years old, includes recording the mileage. Obtain the latest MOT certificate and verify the mileage stated.

4. Use online services: Several websites in the UK provide mileage check services using the vehicle registration number. These services access various databases to provide an accurate history of the car’s mileage.

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5. Contact the previous owner: If you’re buying a used car privately, ask the previous owner for the mileage details. It’s important to cross-verify this information with other sources.

6. Hire a professional: Consider hiring a qualified mechanic or vehicle inspector to examine the car thoroughly, including checking the mileage. They have the expertise to detect signs of tampering or discrepancies.

7. Analyze wear and tear: While not foolproof, the condition of the car’s interior, pedals, and tires can give you an idea of its true mileage. Excessive wear may indicate a higher mileage than indicated.


Q1. Can mileage be tampered with?
A1. Unfortunately, mileage tampering does occur. Ensure you use reliable sources and be vigilant for signs of tampering.

Q2. Can mileage be reset?
A2. In some cases, unscrupulous sellers might attempt to reset the mileage. However, this is illegal and can be detected through various means.

Q3. How can I report mileage fraud?
A3. If you suspect mileage fraud, report it to the police and provide any evidence you have.

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Q4. Can I check the mileage of a car for free?
A4. Some online services offer basic mileage checks for free, while more detailed reports may require a fee.

Q5. Is mileage the only indicator of a car’s condition?
A5. No, mileage is just one factor. Other aspects, such as maintenance history and overall wear and tear, are also important to consider.

Q6. Can I trust the mileage history provided by the seller?
A6. Always cross-verify the mileage history provided by the seller with other sources to ensure accuracy.

Q7. Is it legal to change the mileage on a car?
A7. No, altering or tampering with a car’s mileage is illegal in the UK and can result in severe penalties.

Remember, checking the mileage on a car is crucial to make an informed decision and protect yourself from potential fraud. Use multiple sources to verify the mileage and consider professional assistance if needed.