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How to Check if a Vehicle is Insured in the United Kingdom

It is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom for all vehicles to have valid insurance cover. Driving without insurance can result in severe penalties, including fines, points on your license, and even a driving ban. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that any vehicle you drive or own is insured. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check if a vehicle is insured in the UK.

1. Gather the necessary information: You will need the vehicle’s registration number, make, and model.

2. Visit the Motor Insurance Database (MID): Access the MID website or use the AskMID service to check if the vehicle is listed as insured.

3. Enter the vehicle details: Enter the registration number, make, and model of the vehicle into the provided fields.

4. Confirm the search: Complete any required security checks, such as entering a CAPTCHA code, to proceed with the search.

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5. View the insurance details: Once the search is complete, the website will display whether the vehicle is insured or not.

6. Verify the information: Carefully review the insurance details, ensuring that the policy is still valid and covers the intended use of the vehicle.

7. Take necessary action: If the vehicle is uninsured, contact the owner or driver to rectify the situation immediately.


1. Is it legal to drive without insurance in the UK?
No, it is illegal to drive a vehicle without valid insurance in the UK.

2. Can I use the MID service for free?
Yes, checking a vehicle’s insurance status on the MID website or using the AskMID service is free.

3. Is the MID database always up to date?
The MID database is regularly updated, but there may be a slight delay in reflecting recent insurance changes.

4. Can I check someone else’s vehicle insurance status?
Yes, you can check the insurance status of any vehicle using the MID service.

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5. Do I need insurance if my vehicle is not in use?
Yes, even if your vehicle is not in use, it must be insured unless you have officially declared it off the road with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

6. What if the vehicle’s insurance details show incorrect information?
Contact the insurance provider directly to resolve any discrepancies in the insurance details.

7. Are there any exemptions to the insurance requirement?
Certain vehicles, such as those registered as off-road, may be exempt from the insurance requirement. However, they must have a valid SORN.