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How to Defog Windows in Your Car: A Guide for the United Kingdom

Driving in the United Kingdom during wet and cold weather often leads to foggy windows in cars. This can impair visibility and make your journey unsafe. To ensure a clear view while driving, follow these simple steps to defog your car windows.

1. Turn on the Air Conditioning: The air conditioning system removes moisture from the air, helping to defog the windows. Set it to a temperature slightly warmer than the outside air for the best results.

2. Adjust the Climate Control: If your car has a climate control system, set it to a higher temperature to warm up the car’s interior. This helps to prevent condensation on the windows.

3. Use the Defrost Function: Activate the defrost function, which directs warm air to the front and rear windshields. This quickly clears any fog or condensation.

4. Open Windows Slightly: Crack open your car windows to allow the moist air to escape, improving circulation and reducing fogging.

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5. Clean Your Windows: Dirty windows are more prone to fogging. Regularly clean your car windows inside and out to prevent build-up and enhance visibility.

6. Keep a Microfiber Cloth Handy: If your windows fog up while driving, use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the condensation quickly.

7. Avoid Recirculating Air: Set your car’s ventilation system to draw in fresh air from outside instead of recirculating the air inside the car. This helps to reduce moisture build-up.


1. Why do car windows fog up in the UK?
Car windows fog up due to the contrast between the cold exterior and warm interior air, combined with high humidity levels common in the UK.

2. Can using a hairdryer help defog windows?
While using a hairdryer can provide temporary relief, it is not recommended as it may damage the car’s interior.

3. Are there any products that can prevent fogging?
Anti-fog products, such as sprays or wipes, can be applied to the windows to prevent fogging. However, make sure to choose products suitable for automotive use.

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4. How often should I clean my windows?
Regularly clean your car windows inside and out, especially during the winter months, to prevent dirt and grime build-up that can contribute to fogging.

5. Can I use newspaper to wipe away fog?
Newspaper can be used to wipe away fogged windows, as it absorbs moisture effectively. However, be careful not to scratch the glass.

6. Is fogging only a problem in winter?
Fogging can occur in any season, but it is more common in winter due to the temperature contrast.

7. Should I keep the car’s vents open or closed when parking?
To prevent moisture build-up inside the car, keep the vents closed when parking. However, ensure to refresh the air inside the car by opening the windows when you start driving again.