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How to Find Paint Code of Car: A Guide for UK Residents

When it comes to car maintenance or repair, finding the right paint code is essential to ensure a perfect match for touch-ups or repainting. The paint code is a unique identification number assigned by the car manufacturer, allowing you to find the exact color formula used on your vehicle. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find the paint code for your car in the United Kingdom.

1. Check the owner’s manual: The first place to look for the paint code is the owner’s manual. Many car manufacturers provide this information within the manual or in a separate booklet.

2. Look for a sticker or plate: Car manufacturers often place a sticker or plate containing the paint code in various locations. Start by checking the driver-side door jamb, the glove compartment, or the trunk lid.

3. Contact the manufacturer: If you can’t find the paint code using the above methods, contact the car manufacturer’s customer service. Provide them with your vehicle identification number (VIN), and they should be able to provide you with the paint code.

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4. Visit a dealership: If you’re still unable to find the paint code, visit a dealership that sells your car brand. They have access to databases and resources that can help identify the code based on your VIN.

5. Utilize online resources: Several online platforms and forums cater specifically to car enthusiasts and owners. These platforms often have extensive databases of paint codes, allowing you to search for your car’s specific color using its make, model, and year.


1. Can I find the paint code on the registration document?
No, the paint code is not typically listed on the registration document.

2. Is the paint code the same as the color name?
No, the paint code is a specific alphanumeric identification number, while the color name may be more descriptive.

3. Can I use the paint code to find touch-up paint?
Yes, knowing the paint code ensures that you can find touch-up paint that matches your car’s color precisely.

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4. Are paint codes universal?
No, paint codes are specific to each car manufacturer and can vary across different models and years.

5. Can I find the paint code on the car’s VIN plate?
In some cases, the paint code may be listed on the VIN plate, but this is not always the case.

6. How many digits are typically in a paint code?
Paint codes can vary in length, but they usually consist of three to four digits.

7. Can I decode the paint code to know the exact color?
While the paint code provides the formula for the color, decoding it to determine the actual color can be challenging without a reference. It is best to rely on the paint code when purchasing touch-up paint or consulting a professional painter.