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How to Find Previous Car Owner in the United Kingdom

When buying a used car, it can be helpful to know its previous ownership history. Finding the previous car owner in the United Kingdom is not as challenging as it may seem. By following a few simple steps, you can obtain this information to make an informed decision about your potential purchase.

1. Check the V5C logbook: The V5C logbook contains important details about the car’s current and previous owners. You can find the registered keeper’s name and address on this document.

2. Contact the DVLA: The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) holds records of all registered vehicles in the UK. You can request ownership information by filling out Form V888 and paying a small fee.

3. Hire a private investigator: If you are unable to locate the previous owner through official channels, you can consider hiring a private investigator. They have access to databases and resources that can help track down the information you need.

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4. Online car registration check services: Numerous online platforms offer car registration check services. These platforms can provide a comprehensive history of the vehicle, including previous owners.

5. Online forums and social media groups: Joining online forums and social media groups dedicated to car enthusiasts can be a useful way to connect with individuals who may have information about the car’s previous owners.

6. Contact the previous owner directly: If you have obtained the previous owner’s details, you can try reaching out to them directly. They may be willing to share information about the vehicle’s history or any issues they faced during ownership.

7. Consult with a professional mechanic or car dealer: Experienced mechanics or car dealers may have access to resources or contacts that can help you find the previous owner. They can also provide insights into the car’s condition and history.


1. Is it legal to find out who previously owned a car in the UK? Yes, it is legal to obtain previous car ownership information in the UK.

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2. How much does it cost to check the V5C logbook? There is no charge for checking the V5C logbook.

3. Are there any free methods to find previous car owners? Online forums and social media groups are free platforms where you can seek information about previous car owners.

4. How long does it take to receive ownership information from the DVLA? It usually takes around two weeks to receive ownership information from the DVLA.

5. Can I find previous car owners for any UK-registered vehicle? Yes, you can find previous car owners for any vehicle that has been registered in the UK.

6. Can I find previous ownership details for a vehicle that has been exported? No, previous ownership details are usually not available for vehicles that have been exported from the UK.

7. Can a private investigator guarantee finding the previous car owner? While a private investigator can increase your chances of finding the previous owner, there is no guarantee of success.

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