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How to Make Your Own Car Air Freshener With Perfume

Having a pleasant fragrance in your car can make your driving experience more enjoyable. While there are numerous car air fresheners available in the market, making your own with perfume can be a fun and budget-friendly alternative. Here’s a simple guide on how to create your own car air freshener using your favorite perfume:

1. Gather the materials: You will need a small glass jar with a lid, a porous material such as felt or cardboard, and your favorite perfume.

2. Cut the porous material: Cut the material into a shape that fits inside the jar. It should be large enough to hold the fragrance but small enough to fit comfortably.

3. Spray the perfume: Spritz your chosen perfume onto the porous material. Start with a few sprays and adjust according to your preference for scent strength.

4. Let it dry: Allow the sprayed material to dry completely. This ensures that the perfume gets absorbed and reduces the risk of any liquid leaking from the jar.

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5. Place it in the jar: Once dry, place the scented material inside the glass jar and seal it with the lid. Make sure it is tightly sealed to preserve the fragrance.

6. Use it in your car: To use your homemade car air freshener, simply remove the lid and place it in a secure spot in your vehicle. You can hang it from the rearview mirror, attach it to the air vents, or place it in a cup holder for maximum effectiveness.

7. Reapply fragrance as needed: Over time, the fragrance will fade. To refresh the scent, simply remove the material from the jar, spray it with perfume again, and let it dry before placing it back in your car.


1. How long does the homemade car air freshener last?
The longevity of the fragrance depends on the quality of the perfume used. Generally, it can last for a few weeks to a couple of months.

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2. Can I use essential oils instead of perfume?
Yes, you can use essential oils as an alternative to perfume. They provide a natural fragrance and have various therapeutic benefits.

3. Will the perfume stain the porous material?
Perfume may leave a slight discoloration on the porous material, but it won’t be visible once it’s dry.

4. Can I use a different container instead of a glass jar?
Yes, you can use any small container with a lid, such as a plastic container or a small tin.

5. Can I use multiple perfumes to create a unique scent?
Absolutely! Experimenting with different perfume combinations can create a customized fragrance for your car.

6. How can I make the scent last longer?
To extend the longevity of the scent, keep the jar closed when not in use, and avoid exposing it to excessive heat or sunlight.

7. Is this method safe for all cars?
Yes, making a car air freshener with perfume is safe for all vehicles. However, ensure that the air freshener is securely placed to avoid any distractions while driving.

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Creating your own car air freshener with perfume allows you to personalize your driving environment and enjoy the fragrance of your choice. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to keep your car smelling fresh and inviting during your journeys across the United Kingdom.