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How to Remove Tinting From Car Windows in the United Kingdom

Tinted windows can provide a sleek and stylish look to any vehicle, but there may come a time when you want to remove the tinting for various reasons. Whether it’s due to changes in regulations, visibility concerns, or simply a change in preference, removing tinting from car windows is a relatively straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you undertake this task.

1. Gather the necessary tools: You will need a heat gun or a hairdryer, a sharp utility knife, a spray bottle filled with soapy water, and a clean microfiber cloth.

2. Prepare the windows: Park your car in a shaded area to prevent the adhesive from drying out too quickly. Roll down the windows slightly and spray the soapy water onto the tinted surface.

3. Heat the tint: Use the heat gun or hairdryer to apply heat evenly to the tinted area. This will loosen the adhesive and make it easier to remove.

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4. Peel off the tint: Starting from one corner, use the utility knife to lift the edge of the tint and gently peel it off. Be cautious not to scratch the window, and if the tint doesn’t come off easily, apply more heat.

5. Remove any residue: Once the tint is removed, use the soapy water and microfiber cloth to clean any adhesive residue left on the window. Gently scrub the surface until it’s smooth and clear.

6. Clean and dry the window: Rinse the window with clean water and wipe it dry with a separate microfiber cloth. This will ensure a clean and streak-free finish.

7. Repeat the process: If your car has multiple windows with tinting, repeat the steps above for each window until all the tint is removed.


1. Is it legal to remove tinting from car windows in the UK?
Yes, it is legal to remove tinting from car windows in the UK as long as you comply with the regulations regarding visible light transmission (VLT) and tinted glass.

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2. Can I remove the tint myself or should I seek professional help?
You can remove the tint yourself by following the steps mentioned. However, if you’re unsure or uncomfortable with the process, it’s advisable to seek professional help.

3. What if the tint doesn’t come off easily?
If the tint doesn’t come off easily, apply more heat using the heat gun or hairdryer. You can also try using a razor blade or window scraper, but exercise caution to prevent damage to the window.

4. Are there any alternatives to using a heat gun or hairdryer?
Yes, using a heat gun or hairdryer is the most common method, but you can also try using a clothes steamer to soften the adhesive.

5. Can I reapply tinting after removing it?
Yes, you can reapply tinting after removing it, but make sure to comply with the legal requirements for tinted windows in the UK.

6. Are there any risks involved in removing tinting?
The main risk is damaging the window if not done carefully. Always proceed with caution and take your time to avoid any scratches or cracks.

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7. Should I clean the windows after removing the tint?
Yes, it’s important to clean the windows thoroughly after removing the tint to ensure a clear and unobstructed view while driving.