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If you’re worried about getting your car stolen, you might find it interesting to see which areas of the country are most prone to vehicle theft. Auto theft has been on the rise in the UK, and those who steal cars seem to be becoming more and more brazen as time goes on. As your primary source of transport, having your vehicle stolen can be a major pain.

Thieves are going to greater lengths to steal cars in the modern era. They now using pairing devices and other pieces of technology to hack into your vehicle and steal it without you ever knowing. If you live in an area that has a lot of vehicle theft, you may want to take extra precaution with locking up your car overnight.

Tracker, a location technology company, has recent revealed the top areas for vehicle theft in the UK. We’re going to explore the top ten locations in this country, as well as some reason each location may be having high auto theft rates.

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1. London

It makes sense that London would be the city with the highest rates of vehicle theft. As the nation’s largest city, crime is always going to be high. In addition, there are a number of high-range cars within the area that would make for a lucrative theft. In addition, the amount vehicles parked on publicly accessible roads may also play a contributing factor.

2. Essex

Essex is an area just outside East London. It has the second highest theft rates, most likely due to its proximity to some of the more dangerous areas of the capital city.

3. West Midlands

The West Midlands includes Birmingham, a large city with a significant crime rate. The majority of the theft is probably attributable to the city.

4. West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire may come as surprise, we don’t typically associate this Northern area with crime. But it is in fact the fourth most prominent auto theft region.

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5. Kent

Kent is another surprising hotspot for car theft – local owners should be wary that certain vehicles may be susceptible to auto-pairing and theft.

6. Surrey

Surrey is another area of England that probably lends its high vehicle theft rates to its proximity to London – it sits just outside the Southwest of the capital city.

7. Manchester

As one of the most prominent cities in the United Kingdom, it makes sense that there is a high rate of vehicle theft in the area. Owners should be especially wary if they’re located in the city.

8. Merseyside

Merseyside comes in at eight. Those living in Liverpool and the surrounding areas should ensure to be careful with their vehicles.

9. South Yorkshire

Another area in Yorkshire that appears to have a high crime rate. Large cities such as Sheffield, Barnsley, and Yorkshire are probably partly to blame for the high crime rate.

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10. Lancashire

Lancashire is another Northern area that has a high vehicle theft rate. Areas such as Preston and Blackpool are most likely contributing factors to vehicle theft rates in the area.


If you happen to live in one of these hotspots, make sure to be extra careful with how you store your car. You should also make sure that you have a comprehensive auto insurance policy that covers auto theft – you don’t want to end up paying the price if your vehicle is stolen!