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What Is the Scrap Value of a Car in the United Kingdom?

When a car reaches the end of its life, it may be worth considering scrapping it. The scrap value of a car refers to the amount of money you can receive for your vehicle when you decide to scrap it. This value is determined by various factors, including the age, condition, and make of the car, as well as the current market demand for scrap metal.

In the United Kingdom, the scrap value of a car is primarily influenced by the weight of the vehicle. The weight of the car determines the amount of scrap metal that can be recovered from it. Additionally, the make and model of the car can also have an impact on its scrap value. Some cars have higher scrap values due to the demand for their parts, while others may have lower values if they are less sought after.

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When you scrap your car, you can expect to receive a payment from the scrapyard or the company you choose to handle the process. This payment is based on the weight and condition of your vehicle. It’s important to note that the scrap value of a car is typically lower than its market value when sold as a functioning vehicle.


1. How do I find out the scrap value of my car?
You can contact local scrapyards or use online resources that provide instant scrap value estimates based on your car’s details.

2. Can I negotiate the scrap value?
While some scrapyards may be willing to negotiate, it’s important to remember that the scrap value is primarily determined by the weight of the vehicle and the current market conditions.

3. Can I scrap a car that is not in working condition?
Yes, you can scrap a car regardless of its condition. Even if the car is a non-runner, it still has scrap value.

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4. Is it legal to scrap a car without proper documentation?
No, it is illegal to scrap a car without the necessary paperwork, including the V5C logbook. Ensure you have all the required documents before proceeding.

5. Can I keep some parts of the car before scrapping it?
Yes, you can remove any personal belongings or valuable components from the vehicle before scrapping it.

6. What happens to the car after it is scrapped?
Once the car is scrapped, it is dismantled, and the parts that can be reused are salvaged. The remaining metal is recycled.

7. Can I arrange for the scrapyard to pick up my car?
Yes, many scrapyards offer a pick-up service, allowing you to have your car collected from your location. However, this service may come at an additional cost.