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Which of the Following Shouldn’t Be Kept in Your Vehicle?

Keeping unnecessary items in your vehicle not only adds clutter but can also pose safety risks. It is important to keep your vehicle organized and free from objects that may compromise your safety or distract you while driving. Here are some items that you should avoid keeping in your vehicle:

1. Valuables: Leaving expensive items such as laptops, smartphones, or jewelry in your vehicle can attract thieves. It is advisable to take these items with you whenever you leave your vehicle to minimize the risk of theft.

2. Loose change: While loose change may seem harmless, it can become dangerous during sudden braking or an accident. Loose change can easily become projectiles, causing injury to you or your passengers.

3. Heavy objects: Avoid keeping heavy objects in your vehicle, especially on the rear seats or in the trunk. In case of a sudden stop or collision, these objects can become unsecured and pose a serious threat to occupants.

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4. Glass bottles: Glass bottles are highly fragile and can shatter easily, especially during an accident. The broken glass can cause injuries to the occupants, so it is best to avoid storing them in your vehicle.

5. Sharp objects: Tools, knives, or any other sharp objects should not be kept in your vehicle. These objects can cause serious injuries during an accident or even while reaching for other items.

6. Flammable materials: Storing flammable materials such as gasoline, lighter fluid, or aerosol cans in your vehicle can be extremely hazardous. In the event of an accident, these materials can ignite or explode, causing severe damage and injuries.

7. Expired or unused medications: Medications that have expired or are no longer in use should not be stored in your vehicle. Extreme temperatures in the vehicle can alter the effectiveness of medications, rendering them unsafe to use.


1. Can I keep a spare tire in my vehicle?
Yes, it is recommended to carry a spare tire, jack, and other necessary tools for emergencies.

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2. Is it safe to keep an umbrella in my car?
Yes, keeping an umbrella in your vehicle is safe and can be useful during unexpected rain showers.

3. Can I store a first aid kit in my car?
Yes, it is highly recommended to keep a first aid kit in your vehicle for any medical emergencies.

4. Are blankets and extra clothing safe to keep in my car?
Yes, blankets and extra clothing can be useful in case of emergencies or during colder weather.

5. Can I keep my vehicle’s documents in the car?
It is advisable to carry your vehicle’s documents with you rather than leaving them in the car to prevent identity theft or misuse.

6. Can I store non-perishable snacks in my vehicle?
Yes, non-perishable snacks are safe to keep in your vehicle, especially for longer journeys or emergencies.

7. Is it safe to keep a fire extinguisher in my car?
Yes, carrying a fire extinguisher in your vehicle can be a wise safety precaution in case of a fire emergency.

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