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Why Put Bags Over Car Mirrors When Traveling Alone

When it comes to traveling alone, especially in the United Kingdom, personal safety is of utmost importance. One practice that has gained popularity among solo travelers is putting bags over car mirrors. This simple yet effective precautionary measure offers several benefits that can help ensure a more secure journey.

Firstly, covering car mirrors can prevent potential thieves from identifying the vehicle as being driven by a lone traveler. With bags obscuring the mirrors, it becomes more challenging for anyone to determine if the car is occupied by one person or a group. This can deter criminals who might be looking for vulnerable targets.

Secondly, by covering the mirrors, solo travelers can maintain a certain level of anonymity. This is particularly useful in crowded areas or when parked in public spaces. By minimizing the visibility of the driver, it becomes less likely for others to recognize them as traveling alone, reducing the risk of being targeted.

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Moreover, bags over the mirrors can also serve as a deterrent against potential vandalism. In public places, cars with visible bags over the mirrors are less likely to be tampered with, as it gives the impression that the driver is nearby and watching over their vehicle.

Lastly, this practice provides peace of mind to solo travelers. Knowing that extra precautions have been taken to minimize risks can alleviate anxiety and make the overall journey more enjoyable.


1. Does covering the car mirrors violate any traffic regulations?
No, covering the mirrors does not violate any traffic regulations in the United Kingdom.

2. Can I use any kind of bag to cover the mirrors?
Yes, any bag that fits securely over the mirrors can be used.

3. Should I cover both side mirrors?
Yes, it is recommended to cover both side mirrors for maximum effectiveness.

4. Is this practice only suitable for nighttime travel?
No, covering the mirrors can be beneficial both during the day and at night.

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5. How long should I keep the bags on the mirrors?
It is suggested to keep the bags on the mirrors whenever the vehicle is parked or when traveling alone.

6. Are there any alternative methods for enhancing personal safety?
Yes, other methods include parking in well-lit areas, using car alarms, and being aware of your surroundings.

7. Do bags over car mirrors guarantee complete safety?
While it can significantly reduce risks, it does not guarantee absolute safety. It is important to remain vigilant and take other safety measures as well.