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If you’re on the hunt for car insurance, you’re probably wary of ways to keep your car safe. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid an accident or theft, but there are ways to reduce your chances. Driving in areas of the UK that have poor roads, high crash rates, and road rage incidents will mean that you have a higher chance of being involved in an expensive circumstance.

If you’re looking to save money, you may want to avoid particular areas. This article is a guide to five of the most dangerous areas of the country for drivers. We explore each area and the reasons that the locations have so many problems. Make sure to be extra careful in these hot-spots.


London is an obvious first pick for dangerous cities to drive in the UK. The capital city has a large amount of crashes and surprisingly poor roads. If you’re looking for cheap auto insurance, it might be hard to find in the UK’s largest city!


Bristol is on the list because of their auto crime rates. This is a large contributing factor in the price of your premiums, so you’ll want to factor this in when you’re looking for auto insurance. Make sure to keep your vehicle closely guarded in this city.


Birmingham has a concoction of bad traits when it comes to driving. High crime, a high crash rate, and plenty of horrible roads means that Birmingham is one place where insurance companies will be looking to charge you higher premiums.


Southampton is considered a poor place to drive because of how horrible the roads are in the city. In fact, they are often considered to have the worst roads in the entire nation. For this reason, you may find that your premiums in the city are quite high.


Deemed the city with the angriest drivers, Lincoln has a reputation for road rage. If you’re looking for low insurance premiums, you might be out of luck. The area has fairly safe roads, but still scores high as one of the most dangerous places to drive in the UK.

Why Does It Matter?

There are several reasons it matters where you drive. Firstly, from a personal standpoint you don’t want to put you or your vehicle at risk if you’re in a location that happens to have a large amount of accidents or vehicle crimes. This will increase your chances of being caught up in a situation that may cost you or your insurance company money.

Secondly, insurance companies are acutely aware of the potential problems in each location of the country. They charge their insurance premiums based off the amount of risk that you’re exposed to. If you live in an area that is problematic for drivers, you might find that your premiums are much, much higher than other areas of the country. It can cost you hundreds or thousands of pounds per year to live in an area with dangerous driving statistics.